Links to Resources

Concise and visual guides for teachers on how to set up and use TDSB licensed software. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for how to use Read & Write, R&W Screenshot Reader & PDF Reader extensions, and how to create accessible PDFs using R&W and your photocopier. There are also tips and tricks for Active Inspire for classrooms with a Promethean board.

Understanding Learning Disabilities Waterfall PDF. This document will help you plan for and respond to particular processing areas of need for students with learning disabilities. Each area of processing is explained, signs to look for are described, and strategies & assistive technologies to support each need are listed.

Instructional, environmental, and assessment strategies for teaching students with various special needs. Teaching strategies and resources are organized by area of need, diagnosed condition, and IPRC exceptionality (Ontario).

Resources and online learning modules for educators with information on supporting students with learning disabilities. This site includes some content designed specifically for Ontario teachers.

Articles with information and advice for educators and parents about ADHD & learning disabilities. This American resource also offers information to support young adults transitioning out of high school.