Find out what they really know

How to increase written output with speech-to-text technology


  • Anyone
  • Particularly children who have difficulty with fine motor skills
  • And especially students with language-based learning disabilities who have brilliant ideas that they struggle to get from their mind onto paper


  • Google Docs Voice Typing


  • Today...or tomorrow morning


  • In the 'Tools' drop-down menu at the top of the screen inside a document
  • Also accessible from Read & Write Chrome extension toolbar


  • Voice Typing is a very empowering tool you can use to unlock the potential of every student in your room
  • Students who would spend an hour writing or typing a sentence can dictate a full page of text in that time
  • Aligns with principles of differentiated instruction & universal design for learning
  • Boost student self-esteem, motivation, engagement, and achievement
  • Be confident you are actually evaluating a student's true understanding of a concept, not just their ability to write about what they know


  • All you need is a Gmail or G-Suite account and a microphone (built-in or headset)
  • Unlike other speech-to-text options there is no software or training required